Here be Giants. Mantic Games

Mantic Games are well known for their excellent range of great fantasy miniatures and things are about to get much bigger for fans as we see the return of some very large friends.
One of the most popular Mantic models ever is finally stomping back into the warehouse, after selling out numerous times already. The mighty 7″ Mantic Giant is in stock on the Mantic website and heading into stores soon. However, don’t take out word for how awesome it is, take a look at the video below!
Order Here
Want a centrepiece for your army but don’t want to pay a king’s ransom? This immense PVC plastic model measures almost 19cm tall and includes a range options for customising your giant – perfect if you want to field two or more!
If you want a giant with a more cool appearance, then check out the Frost Giant! With a weapon that’s taller than some monsters in Kings of War, this is a sight to behold on the tabletop. This set includes a plastic giant plus resin upgrade parts.
Order Here
The other two giants not got enough eyes or a gaping mouth that could swallow a small house? Well, don’t worry because the Shadowhulk is here to save the day. And by ‘save the day’ we mean smash everything with huge spiky fists and then eat it. This set includes a plastic giant plus resin upgrade parts.
Order Here
Why not field all three and be the envy of your friends (and enemies)?
All Images Copyright Mantic Games All Rights Reserved

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