Breaking the 4th Wall. Atomic Mass Games

It seems like a decade ago but was only a few months back that Atomic Mass Games announced the arrival of everyones favourite underdogs to Marvel Crisis Protocol the X-Men and here we are again with another new announcement for fans of the excellent superhero miniature combat game

Just when you thouhght it was safe to go back into the games shop, along comes the announcement of four brand new expansions for Marvel Crisis Protocol and not only that they feature one of the most loved comic book characters of recent years, one who constantly breaks the fourth wall and talks directly to the audience and knows that he isnt real.

The arrival of X-Force sees the roster of mutants expand to include some all new characters and centre stage of which is that Merc with a Mouth, one Wade Wilson aka Deadpool. Joining in his expansion is Bob the Hydra Agent a long time fan favorite of fans of Deadpool and a new terrain piece the Chimichonga van!

Deadpool is not the only member of X-Force of course and is joined by three other packs that feature Cable and Dominio (comic book version rather than the movie version of course), Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver and finally to add to your bad guys Mr Sinister!

Check out the amazing video featuring Will Shick and Dallas Kemp below and some screen grabs of the excellent looking new expansions, and expect to see these new models in the second quarter of 2021!

All Images Copyright Atomic Mass Games, All Rights Reserved

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