Aliens: Ultimate Badasses Expansion Review. Gale Force Nine

I say we take off and nuke the site from orbit, its the only way to be sure. And you can be sure that this squad of ultimate badasses will help you survive when the chips are down and the cards stacked against you. Here is my quick look at the Ultimate Badasses Expansion for the Aliens Another Glorious Day in the Corp Survival combat game from Gale Force NIne.

Check out my squad of Ultimate Badasses

While the core game of Another Glorious Day in the Corp gives us part of the marine contingent on LV-426 and Ellen Ripley and Newt, there are a few characters from the movie that seemed to have been missed out, There was no Drake the smart-gun totting sidekick of Vasquez, nor the medic Dectrich, even the man that everyone loves to hate, company man Carter Burke was noticeable by his absence.

Well you can rest easy as you board your Chyene dropship in future as the remainder of the marines sent to investigate Archaron or LV-426 are on their way, well apart from two but will get to that in a moment. My video unboxing is below:

Aliens Ultimate Badasses adds six brand new characters to the roster of marines and civilians that you can use in your games of Another Glorious Day in the Corps, with each being rendered once again in multipart plastic which on the whole consists of just two parts for most of the models and a base with the characters name at the rear to help identify them during game play. The box contains:

  • 6 Hard Plastic Character Models
  • 6 Character Cards
  • 64 Experience Cards
  • 4 D10 Dice

The models are as follows and each comes with its own double-sided profile card that allows you to take the character as either a player character or a grunt.

Is this a stand up fight or just another bug hunt?

  • Sgt Al Apone
  • Corporal Cynthia Dietrich
  • Private Tim Crowe
  • Private First Class Mark Drake
  • Private Trevor Wierzbowski
  • Carter J. Burke

Each of the six characters as mentioned can be played as a character with more advanced skills and traits or as a grunt being controlled by an officer or NCO, and all have their merits and flaws that make them play very much like their movie counterparts. Company man Carter J. Burke for example in the movie is willing to sell anyone out so he can make a profit and as such it costs lives, and in the game his character must draw endurance cards every single turn and has the unpredictability that means he can end up shuffling the deck without warning.

There are two characters missing from the movie, those being the pilot Corporal Colette Ferro and Private First Class Daniel Spunkmeyer whom, along with the Chyene dropship are not in any of the expansions.

Unlike the Get Away from her You B***H expansion, the Ultimate Badasses expansion does not contain any extra floor tiles or missions, however it does introduce the concept of experience to your games of Another Glorious Day in the Corps, which sees characters improving their chances from mission to mission. This adds a roleplaying element to the game which evolves it to a whole new level.

The experience card deck is broken down into various archetypes which consist of

  • Hero
  • Smarts
  • Tactician
  • Company Man
  • Leader
  • Tracker
  • Support
  • Gunner

Each of the eight pathways has three tier cards of experience, starting at level 1 and going up to level 3, your character is awarded experience at the start of each mission or if they are playing the Bug Hunt variant of the game then they gain one card at the start of turn one of the Marine Player phase and again on every fifth Marine Player phase (fifth, tenth, fifteenth, etc). Each player is awarded just one card and they are free to chose from any of the eight Experience paths available, but with the caviet that they can only progress from level one by taking a level two card of the same path.

If during the game your character is killed off or captured (MIA) then you don’t lose any of the experience you have earned, instead it is transfered to another character for you to control.


Another new element is that of the use of Fireteams! This is a brand new way to play the game and expands the possiblity of players up to six, with each player controlling a character of their choice. The characters use their hero side and there are no grunts in this style of playing, instead each character is controlled by a single player until they either die or are captured. While this sounds ideal on paper, some players may want to field a team which consists of the heavy hitters Drake, Vasquez Hudson, Hicks Apone Gorman and Ripley, this could see the players burning through their Endurance deck extremely quickly and once its gone its ‘Game Over Man!’

Wiser players will try to make sure that they have a good all-round selection of characters who have all-around skills and aim to help them finish missions and Bug Hunts.

Game Over Man!

So that’s a quick look at Ultimate Badasses from Gale Force Nine. A great addition to the roster of characters already available and something that really adds extra depth to the game with its experience system. The miniatures are really simple to put together and shouldn’t be a challenge even to the most novice of gamers. The rulebook is pretty short at just four sides but is well laid out and gives you all the information you need to use the characters in your games and the addition of the experience system is a great and fun way of taking the game to new levels of play.

I really loved the inclusion of the multiplayer aspect with fireteams as it really makes the game pop and stand out and and allows everyone to get a shot in at playing and it may just be the xenomorph blood talking here but I can see this becoming a firm fan favourite at conventions and clubs once we ever get back to normality.

With the roster of marines now full, apart from poor Fero and Spunkmeyer of course, and the addition of the Queen and Powerloader (and Bishop) with the Get Away from Her You Bitch expansion, you now have loads of scope for epic games that will be the stuff of legend for years to come. Now if you will excuse me I need to go stock up on ammo, grab the cat and check on the sentry guns, just in case!

All images copyright Gale Force Nine All Rights Reserved!

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