Loving the Alien. Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps. Gale Force Nine

It seems that everything has gone a little Aliens crazy of late. From the excellent news that Disney are planning a live action television show based on the franchise, to the all new board game from Gale Force Nine. Everywhere you look its coming up xenos and Gamers Web is no exception!

Following on from my review of Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps from Gale Force Nine, (which I gave my Gamers Web Game of the Year 2020 award too) here is another video, this time showing you how to quickly assemble the aliens themselves.

The miniatures are pretty easy put together and even if you are novice you should have no real problems in building them. You will need some model kit glue (polystrene cement), a hobby knife and if possible some side snips. All of these should be available at all good hobby or craft stores or directly from specialist suppliers such as the excellent Wonderland Models (link below). My hands sadly go out of frame towards the end of the video so you cant see what I am doing, but hopefully you should get the jest of what I am saying, sorry about that.

As mentioned in the video its best to use side snips to avoid cutting into the models themselves and always use common sense when using sharp knives and adhesives and use in a well ventaliated area and away from pets or small children, safety first folks!

The key thing to remember is that each sprue makes up four aliens and that you will have a choice of two head for each creature and each head will only fit a particular body, so Head A will only go with Body A and not B or C. Glue the head to one side first rather than just putting it after you have glued the body halves together as if you do it that way you will find it wont sit correctly.

Just a quick video that hopefully will be of use to some of you. My painting tutorial for the xenomorphs will be up soon and will show how to paint your aliens to match either Aliens or Alien 3 and how to do so very quickly.

You can get your hobby supplies from the wonderful folks at Wonderland Models one of Scotlands top model suppliers and stockists of paints, brushes, glues and a whole range of model making products.

Wonderland Models
Wonderland Models Scotlands finest Model Shop

All images copyright Gale Force Nine All Rights Reserved!

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