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Great new product from the guys over at Wargames Atlantic that gives players of Warhammer 40,000 something they have been wanting for many years, space dwarves!

Science fiction wargaming has been very popular for a long time now, epic battles fought out among the stars between legions of alien creatures and the stalwart defenders of mankind. There are so many races and factions that one would think that everything had been covered, no race left realised, and many are based on fantasy counterparts. On the whole, this tends to be true with Games Workshop releasing Necrons (space skeletons), Orks (orcs) Aldari/Eldar(elves) Space Marines/Imperial Guard (humans) and Chaos, with each of the races having their counterpart in the fantasy game Age of Sigmar.

The one big (sic) thing that is mssing from above is that of the humble space dwarf. Many years ago Games Workshop produced a full range of hardy space dwarf warriors who fought side by side with humanity against the forces of xenos and chaos who would destroy the universe if left to their own devices. The Squats as they were known became a fan favorite and drew much from their fantasy cousins, from the asthetic look of the Norse inspired armour, to their holding of grudges for generations. Regarded as abhumans due to their stature, Squats where staunch allies of mankind but often seen as below humanity in much the same way that Ratlings (halflings) or Ogryns (ogres) are still treated with disdaine in the 40K universe.

So year come and go and with them, the Squats pack up shop and fly off into the sunset. There are many reasons given for why the race was discontinued by Games Workshop, ranging from sales (most likely) to studio staff not wishing to sculpt them anymore, and even an off hand remark from former Games Workshop CEO Bryan Ansell at Games Day 89 at a seminar, saying they were all dead along with the Jokearo led to much speculation. Either way they were gone and despite a very brief reprise under the guise of the Demiurge in Battlefleet Gothic little remains of the once proud race.

Wargames Atlantic produce a wide range of models for fantasy, science fiction and historical gaming, and their Death Fields range of models are ideal proxies for that most famous of dark gothic wargames Warhammer 40,000 and their latest release brings the noble space dwarf back once again in the form of The Einherjar!

The Einherjar are a race of stout and diminutive humanoids who fight alongside the forces of man and take their name from Norse mythos with the Einherjar being the honoured dead who were picked from the battlefields by Odin’s Valkyrie, fighting and dying by day only to be resurrected each evening.

The box contains 24 hard plastic miniatures that are multipose and come with a variety of weapons and equipment to allow you to make your own unique looking squads. The box contains eight identical sprues of three models with loads of parts left over to customise your units further if you wish.

Assembly is pretty much straight forward with the main body of each miniature consisting of legs and torso in three poses (advancing, attacking and at ease) twelve head options and rifle options, flame unit, grenade launcher, shotgun and plasma weapon options which add a great deal to the vararity of the poses once assembled. Add to this various pouches, loose weapons, melee arms and even a shield and your squad is now starting to stand out.

Animation is excellent with some great attention to detail such as the fur ruffs that go on the collars of the miniatures and futuristic, yet dwarven looking weapons abound. The fact that the body is already in one piece does mean that you will lose out on some animation when building your units, but there is stilll enough scope to make each of the 24 miniatures supplied look different due to the amount of options for heads and arms.

The one thing you will notice however is that the box only contains the miniatures and no bases are provided. While this may seem strange to many, its a pretty good idea as you are not bound by base size for any specfic game such as Warhammer 40,000, Infinity, and even Mantic Games Warpath!

24 hard plastic models make up the Einherjar box

As you can see from the photographs and in the video, these lovely looking miniatures make excellent proxies for your games and would fit in really well with Warhammer 40,000. They do look very slender when compared to the Forgefathers from Mantic Games, but look more grizzled and realistic and fit the aesthetic look of 40K perfectly. Stand these wee guys side by side with your Imperial Guard models and they will really look the part.

I must admit that I have not really heard of Death Fields before, the setting that Wargames Atlantic is buidling up for its products, but it has me intrigued to see much more. Currently there are four releases to date with at least another two coming out very shortly. You can check out the full range of the Death Fields models over on the Wargames Atlantic website at the link below.

Overall I am very impressed with the attention to detail on these miniatures and they will fit in perfectly with my 3d printed space dwarfs and i really am looking forward to seeing more from Wargames Atlantic and learning more about Death Fields. Fantastic looking models at a fantastically low price!.

My many thanks to Hudson at Wargames Atlantic for the sample and all his help with this review. The Einherjar squad box is available now from Wargames Atlantic and directly online from their recommended stockist, please see the website for more details and in the UK please contact Asgard Games and North Star Military Figures,

Death Fields: The Greatest Sport is War
Click the logo to learn more about Death Fields and this exciting range of miniatures

All images copyright Wargames Atlantic All Rights Reserved

Wargames Atlantic – OnTableTop – Home of Beasts of War
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Published by Marc Farrimond

I'm a 55 year guy from Wigan in Lancashire living in Edinburgh, Scotland with two of my four awesome kids and my long suffering wife Laura. I have worked freelance over the years for some of the biggest names in tabletop and roleplaying and I am a very keen cosplayer and photographer.

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