Loot Miniatures Interview

3D printing is a pretty big thing these days. In the space of two short years, prices of printers have dropped dramataclly and become very affordable and access has been made easier to the general public and what was once only the realm of industry insiders is now in many homes across the world.

In Space No-One Can Hear You Game. Ravensburger Games

Alien and Aliens are both pretty big right now, what with the excelleng Another Glorious Day in the Corp board game from Gale Force 9 and Alien the Roleplaying Game from Free League Publishing. Now Ravensburger Games are about to go right back to the very begining with a game based around the 1979 cultContinue reading “In Space No-One Can Hear You Game. Ravensburger Games”

Cerulean Clade Posse now on Pre-order. Warcradle Studios

It has been a while since I last posted an update for the excellent Wild West Exodus, and this one is fantastic. The Cerulean Clade are part of The Watchers faction, the mysterious aliens who have a vested interest in the affairs of humanity and they also happen to be my favourite faction! The latestContinue reading “Cerulean Clade Posse now on Pre-order. Warcradle Studios”