A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy… Atomic Mass Games

Are you a Star Wars fan? Do you like miniature games? Would you like to learn more about Star Wars and its move from Fantasy Flight Games? Well if you answered yes to any of those questions you need to check this out!

Late last year the gaming world got a little shook up when there were mass lay offs at Fantasy Flight Games, one of the biggest companies in the hobby. Many feared that some of their favourite games would be gone forever. Thankfully shortly after the news was broken it was announed that Seattle based Atomic Mass Games, creators of the very excellent Marvel Crisis Protocol would be taking over the reins and steering Star Wars one of the most beloved properites that FFG currently produce.

The news has drawn lots of attention and speculation as to what would be happening with Star Wars: Legion, Star Wars X-Wing and Star Wars: Armarda, the three games that are moving from Fantasy Flight Games over to Atomic Mass Games, and rumours have been rampant as to what we will see. Many feel that it will be a complete change that is more in line with Marvel Crisis Protocol, while others think that we will see a smaller scaled version of Legion to allow huge walkers like ATAT’s to dominate the game.

No matter what changes are going to be made, we will find out more tomorrow (February 3rd) at 1pm PST when the Atomic Mass Games livestream on Twitch TV goes all Star Wars.

Studio Heads Will Shick and Simone Elliot will be on hand to answer your questions in the live stream and hopefully show off some new stuff that will be coming in 2021/22.

You can check out the live stream by clicking the banner below which is at 1pm PST and 9pm GMT

See you there folks


Click on the Banner to go to the Atomic Mass Games Twitch TV Channel. 1pm EST/ 9pm GMT
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Click the logo to find out all the latest news from Atomic Mass Games.

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