Fallout Robot Work Bench. Modiphius Entertainment

It has been a wee while since I posted a Fallout Wasteland Warfare, so here is a quick update.

Today we’re delighted to announce the release of an intriguing new scenery piece for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, as the Robot Work Bench makes its debut.
Available as a resin miniature and an STL 3D print file on Modiphius.net and as an STL file only on DriveThruRPG.comthe Fallout: Wasteland Warfare – Terrain Expansion: Robot Work Bench provides the perfect work space to upgrade your robotic companions. Here are the details on this exciting new terrain piece.

Some robots have survived (more or less) from the pre-war era, but most are not prepared for the new realities of the Wasteland. The hardened metal of a Mr. Handy or helpful whirring of a Protectron can be no match for the harsh environment of the post-nuclear world.
So why not upgrade them? Strap on extra armor, bigger guns and more rockets, and suddenly even the most unassuming frame is a terror of wastes, a worthy companion to stand at your side. The Robot Workbench can do all this and more, simply my feeding in the components and typing in the right commands. Stand back and watch the sparks fly…

  • Highly detailed robot workbench and control station in resin.
  • Add distinct Fallout flavor to wasteland boards and grow your scenic settlements.

We hope you enjoy this new terrain piece and look out for more great Fallout: Wasteland Warfare products releasing soon!

All Images Copyright Modiphius Entertainment All Rights Reserved

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