Dear Humanity. Anime Angel Playing Cards! by Edia Studios — Kickstarter

Coming soon to Kickstarter from Edia Studios is Dear Humanity a set of Anime themed playing cards.

From the Press Release
Hello Everyone! Edia Studios here bringing you our first Kickstarter Campaign! We are a strong team worldwide producing and presenting to you our anime, games, manga and much much more including supporting projects in engineering, innovation and technology!
We want to keep the introduction brief and get right into the campaign and what its all about!

Our Angel Cards!

We had the idea of starting our own anime 3 years ago! While making the designs and story, we have finally come to launch the Angel Cards! The cards present the main characters that will appear in our upcoming manga and anime “Dear Humanity”

We were finally able to present premium quality cards at the lowest possible price including worldwide shipping to your doorstep! Here are the following specifications we hope to deliver:

– Bicycle Grade Quality Cards

– Game Card Finish

– Full print with CMYK + Silver Gilding Edges

– Custom tuck box smooth(UV Coated and gloss)

– Shrink wrapped for efficient packaging

– Printing with USPCC through Gamblers Warehouse

We want to build a community of anime lovers and gamers!!To get together for launches / latest chapters and hopefully getting a streaming platform available via our launches!

PS: The first 1000 backers to back a deck will get an Edia Studios Founders status with a 24 Carat Gold Certified Card straight to them!!There will only be 1000 of these printed so get your decks fast!!

Instagram: @ediastudios

Discord Here

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