ALIEN RPG Launched on the Foundry Virtual Tabletop

Great news for fans of the excellent Alien Roleplaying game from Free League Publishing as they have just launched on Foundry Virtual Tabletop making the game more accessible to players around the world.

Taking another step into the world of virtual tabletop roleplaying, we have today released the ALIEN RPGon the Foundry platform. The Starter Set, the core rulebook, and the Destroyer of Worlds cinematic scenario pack are now all available as Foundry modules, available for purchase in the Free League webshop – as stand-alone digital products or in print & virtual bundles.

All the released game modules on Foundry are fully integrated with the VTT platform with online maps and diagrams, player handouts ready to share, and more. The Foundry modules are offered at a low introductory price – so if you already own the physical games you can try the virtual modules as well at a very low cost.

Please note that a Foundry base license is required to use the VTT modules.

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