In Space No-One Can Hear You Game. Ravensburger Games

Alien and Aliens are both pretty big right now, what with the excelleng Another Glorious Day in the Corp board game from Gale Force 9 and Alien the Roleplaying Game from Free League Publishing. Now Ravensburger Games are about to go right back to the very begining with a game based around the 1979 cult classic Alien!

Announced today by the good folks over at Board Game Geek Alien: Fate of the Nostromo is a board game that recreates the frantic survival horror of Ridley Scotts 1979 movie Alien and sees the crew of the Nostromo, trying to survive after an alien creature has killed one of their crew mates and now they must try to flush the creature out of the ship into the void of space. Standing in their way is the alien itself, and one of their crewmates the andriod officer Ash is doing everything to get in the crews way.

The game will come with a game board that reflects the layout of the Nostromo and illustrated cards, as well as plastic play pieces to represent the crew Dallas, Ripley, Brent, Parker and Lambert as well as Alien creature itself and it may even include Ash the villianous android.

A black box for an Alien board game, which features a glowing green egg
Six sculpted miniatures of the crew and Xenomorph from the movie Alien
ALIEN: Fate of the Nostromo, Ravensburger, 2021 — figures (image provided by the publisher)

The game will be released on August 1st 2021,


Images copyright Ravensburger Games All Rights Reserved

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