Loot Miniatures Interview

3D printing is a pretty big thing these days. In the space of two short years, prices of printers have dropped dramataclly and become very affordable and access has been made easier to the general public and what was once only the realm of industry insiders is now in many homes across the world.

Of course, having a 3D printer is only one thing in the hobby, you will also need models to print off and while there are myriad companies offering everything from fantasy to science fiction and beyond each month, there a few of these companies that stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Loot Studios Bundle for February 2021 features some amazing fantsay models in both 32mm and 75mm, and includes terrain and busts as well as offering scenarios for 5E

Loot Studios is one such beast, a relative newcomer to the hobby, and recently I was lucky enough to get to chat for a short while with Felipe Engler from Loot studios about the company, what it offers and what’s in store for the future.

GW: Firstly Felipe thanks for very much for taking time out to chat with Gamers Web, I know that you must be extremely busy right now, especially as the March bundle is due to drop any day now.  So can you tell me a little about Loot Studios?  How did you start and how many of you are there and where in the world can we find you, folks?

LS: We are a fairly new company. Our first bundle was released June last year and we’ve had a pretty fast growth since. We are now one of the market leaders and reaching ever more people with our products and content. Loot was born from Alvaro Ribeiro, which is a well renowned 3D artist, who gathered some of his best students and his desire to make cool miniatures and started the company. We are now 30 people, from 3D artists to office employees, most of whom from Brazil, where the company is located.

The Hags are hidious looking vile creatures that are amazing to paint

GW: These days it seems that nearly everyone is going for either Kickstarter campaigns or Patreon, while those are great for raising awareness of your products was there a conscious decision to go the route that you have chosen with the monthly subscription service?

LS: Yes, we wanted more control over our business and the customer experience, so we ventured out of the status quo that most, if not all, other people in this field went and preferred having our own site, which we are looking to improve shortly, by the way.

GW: What is your background, do you come from design or something similar?

LS: Our art director is Alvaro Ribeiro. He is one of the owners and supervises all the artists and models we produce. He used to work for big companies in Japan and Singapore, making mostly big sculpts for well known video game and cinema franchises. Recently he was teaching 3D modeling with a very successful online course, which gave him the idea and means to start Loot, and that’s where most of our artists come from too. He usually sculpts the month’s boss and manages the work of the other artists.

This stunning terrain piece comes complete with its own adventure and is big enough to use fit your miniatures inside
Placeholder Image
A huge detailed kit that can be printed on both FDM and Resin Printers

GW: How do you decide on what sculpts to undertake each month?

LS: We have a designer who thinks, together with the directors and the artists, of a lore, recurring narrative and a RPG theme that we develop for many months in advance. A team of concept artists illustrate all these ideas and the 3D artists work together to translate everything into the final models we deliver to our subscribers. We’re also always taking feedback from our community to improve and bring what our audience wants. We are also developing other products that we wish to release soon which will be independent from our main subscription plan, but that will be announced in the near future.

GW: Will the Loot subscription service always be fantasy-themed or can we expect to see science fiction or horror at some point?

LS: Right now that’s our focus. As I said, we want to release other products, independent from our main bundle, that can and will encompass other themes, but our main line will remain fantasy based as long as that’s what our fans want and expect from us. We want to venture into other themes, but when we do that you can rest assured it won’t be at the expense of our fantasy RPG line.

GW: You have some amazing artists working at Loot and your videos are informative and relaxing at the same time, how long does it take to film one on average?

LS: Thanks! We love our work and are very proud of the models we create! We have a team of filmmakers, editors and artists that are responsible for producing and collaborating with other creators to make a lot of content to our subscribers (we deliver exclusive painting tutorials in our bundle) and to the general audience. The process usually takes a week or two, from coming up with ideas, printing the models, having our incredible artist Marcia Georgina paint them, writing the script, recording the audio, filming, editing and releasing. It’s a lot of work and it involves a lot of people, but it’s really nice and we are always thinking of different formats and kinds of content, from 3D printing tutorials, to time lapses and even comics!

GW: If you were able to make models from any franchise either fantasy or something else, what would it be?

LS: Well, we would love to have our own franchise! We spend a lot of time and effort on lore and story, creating characters, different settings and worlds, and we hope someday we can make it into our own tabletop experience, so every one of our subscribers can also take part in it.

GW: Finally, we have seen some amazing sculpts and models over the recent months that capture a moment and really tell a story and clearly, a lot of thought has gone into them all. Can you briefly talk us through the process of design to getting the models into the subscriber’s hands and how we get to the finished product?

LS: As I said before, we really do pay close attention to the narrative potential of the models we create. We always try to think of a story and to build a rich background so our characters can really feel alive and the world lived in, to help inspire the people who print, paint and play with them. I think that’s our focus as a company: to invest in building a full transmedia experience for our subscribers, so they can watch the videos, follow our social media, be part of the community, print incredible miniatures and live a fantastic adventure on the way!

My many thanks go to Felipe and everyone at Loot Studios for all their help with this interview. Loot Studios offer their amazing fantasy file each month in both 32mm and 75mm scales to appeal to both gamers and collectors alike and each month’s main characters are not only in both scales, but you also get a bust of the character which have amazing details that can offer a challenge to even the most experienced painter.

Of course, if you are struggling to paint your models Loot also offer free painting tutorials for the monthly bundles with amazing artist Marcia Georgina who is one of the most talented artists in the hobby and her videos are extremely relaxing and informative. All the files are simple to print and are offered both as supported and unsupported to allow you to chose what is best for you. As well as offering a monthly bundle, Loot also has a welcome pack that builds up a complete fantasy tavern complete with patrons for your games and again the miniatures are in both 32mm and 75mm scales for both gamers and painters alike.

Placeholder Image
The amazing Welcome Pack from Loot tells a fantastic story with every single model.

You can still get the Loot bundle for February if you act fast and March will see a brand new bundle hitting the site and all for a very low price with some truly outstanding models. Click on the banner below to find out more and subscribe now!

Click the banner to go to the Loot Studios Website and sign up for some excellent savings each month

Follow Loot Studios on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram for all the latest news

All images copyright Loot Studios All Rights Reserved

Published by Marc Farrimond

I'm a 55 year guy from Wigan in Lancashire living in Edinburgh, Scotland with two of my four awesome kids and my long suffering wife Laura. I have worked freelance over the years for some of the biggest names in tabletop and roleplaying and I am a very keen cosplayer and photographer.

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