Fallout Roleplaying Game Pre-Orders Live. Modiphius Entertainment

Pre-orders for the fully expended version of the Fallout Roleplaying Game from Modiphius Entertianment are now finally live, giving you the chance to gt you hands on the expanded version of the base rules, now based on the award winning 2D20 system

Cyber Myths Patreon

There are a lot of great patreons out there if you are interested in printing your own miniatures, with everything from fantasy to science fiction and beyond being covered. There are a lot of of patreons covering cyberpunk at the moment and recently we got a brand new contender Cyber Myths!

Full April 2021 Previews for Titanforge & Cyberforge

We are almost at the end of March (though which March is hard to tell) and as such previews for next months Patreons are starting to appear. April will see some more outstanding offerings from Titanforge for their fantasy and cyberpunk inspired bundles.