Papsikels Patreon Cyberpunk March 2021 Now Available

The latest Cyberpunk patreon tier from our good friends at Papsikels for March 2021 is now available for download and features some pretty awesome models once again!

More robots to and to your collection this month, along with a special law enforcer to keep things in check. Add to this some amazing anime styled powersuits and a huge printable tank and you have everything you need to keep the mean streets of Papsikels city safe and sound!

May be an image of text that says "PAPSIKELS MARCH 2021 PRE SUPPORTED MINIS"

The cyberpunk tier is available right now to download from Papsikels at the link below (click on the banner) and the fantasy tier will be available to download from March 15th (more details on that closer to the release). And as always from the wonderful folks at Papsikels, the models come both unsupported and pre-supported to allow you to choise what is best for you. Most often I tend to use the presupports as they are very well done, (though if I am to be printing the model at a larger scale which I tend to do a lot due to my vision problems, then I use the unsupported files and add my own supports in Chutibox).

Papsikels offers a wide range of tiers to suit all budgets and also includes access to their Discord channel as well as the Elite tier which gives models that months in advance of other tiers and a Merchant tier that allows you to sell your prints of Papsikels models, and all tiers give access to the Facebook members group which I have to say is one of the best groups on Facebook with some awesome people and fantastic discussions.

Click the banner to go to the Papsikels Patreon page and get your hands on these lovely models right now!

All images copyright Papsikels All Rights Reserved

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