Mark Rapson Interview. Nightfall Games

Nightfall Games are no stranger to roleplaying games having been the force behind the legendary SLA Industries. Now they are turning their attention towards a much loved franchise The Terminator which will launch on Kickstarter very soon.

I was fortunate enough to be able to grab a few words with Mark Rapson from Nightfall Games recently about the game, and what we can expect.

GW: Firstly thank you for taking the time out to talk with Gamers Web, I appreciate that you must be really busy with the run up to the launch of the kickstarter.  To kick things off so to speak can you tell us a little about yourself and Nightfall Games?

MR: So  I am Mark Rapson and I joined the team that is Nightfall Games around 3 years ago. Nightfall is known for the RPG, SLA Industries, it is dark, gritty splatter punk setting with something of a cult following. I first became aware of the other chaps at Nightfall, and SLA Industries, when I was making miniatures for the company Daruma, who were making a SLA Industries miniature game, called Cannibal Sector 1. Unfortunately, Daruma got into a big mess and needed to be liquidated, so I stepped in to work with the Nightfall team directly to make sure the backers got their pledge rewards. It was hard work, but we did it and then launched the long awaited 2nd Edition of SLA Industries last year and published it on the 1st Jan 2021. The product and game has been very well received and the level of backing and support allowed us to widen our horizons to not only more SLA products (watch this space), but also new IPs. The first of the new roleplaying games we are going to make is ‘The Terminator RPG’, which is very, very exciting.

GW: Nightfall Games has been around for a long, long time and is well known for SLA Industries, a dark and disturbing universe that is filled with some pretty grisly things.  What was it that attracted you to the Terminator franchise?

MR: This is a very good question and a good leap of conjecture…short answer…yes. But, I’m not even sure we had made those connections when we went for The Terminator RPG. Our team had discussed in length what Nightfall Games is and what we wanted it to be. At the time we should have been called Nightfall Game, because we only had SLA. We recognised that we are known for top quality art, and with our SLA Industries KSers, we had become known for quality production. We also discussed many IPs we liked and importantly what we didn’t. As it happened The Terminator ticked all the right boxes for us and I think is the perfect second product for our small but growing company.

Click the image to go to Drive-Thru. Com to download The Terminator Roleplaying Game Quick Start Rules

GW:  What are you using for the core mechanics of the Terminator Roleplaying Game?

MR: The Terminator RPG, like SLA Industries, will have at its core the S5S system: The S5S is a d10-based rules system. At its core this system uses a pool of dice, one Success die and five Skill dice per player. The more skilled a character is in the task being attempted the more likely they are to succeed and succeed big. The rules set has been tailored specifically to The Terminator setting. Combat, survival, and investigation are all dealt with in the rules, along with vehicle combat, time travel and computer hacking, allowing the characters to take control of the conflict with unique skills and training. They’ll need all of this and more to take the fight across timelines and survive. Quickstart for both games are freely downloadable from DriveThruRPG, if people want to check them out.

GW: Will the game just be based around the movies or will you take into account the wider universe such as comics, novels and computer games?

MR: ‘The Terminator RPG’  is the official roleplaying game based on ‘The Terminator’ movie and associated graphic novels published by Dark Horse comics. This means that we can really expand beyond the movie which is really exciting.

GW: Did you have any input from Terminator creator and director James Cameron at all?

MR: That would be awesome, but no. That said we are getting a lot of support from the IP owners, STUDIOCANAL and their agents.

GW:  Are there going to be character classes and if so can you hint at what which ones we may see and how players will go about choosing them?

MR: Yes for sure. Best place is to check out the Quickstart

GW: Character development in roleplaying games is very important to keep a sense of growth alive, in a game such as Terminator how have you handled the experience for characters?

MR: . As they gain experience characters get better (more skillful) in specific tasks etc., additionally they gain in endurance (health) etc. 

GW: With all the current buzz around the recently announced Terminator anime show, do you think that aspect of it can cross over into the Terminator Roleplaying Game

MR: Big IPs always do well because they are omnipresent and spark interest and imagination in their fans. I’m sure new Terminator products no matter the medium or nature help others become more interesting and sought after. That’s why they are big and why creators like us want to work with them.

GW: The Terminator is an unstoppable machine, more like a force of nature than anything else, will it be possible to destroy these killing machines for the players or are they going to be constantly on the run from them?

MR: Of course they are…just like in the movie, but it won’t be easy. That said the The Terminator RPG will be so much more than one big bad, there is a lot more antagonists to come up against, included, but not limited to, Terminator variants, lesser robots, Skynet itself, other human factions – depending on the timezone (cops, gangs, armies etc).

GW:  Can we expect to see characters from the movies show up in the game as NPCS and will the game cover the various types of Terminator?

MR:  Yes for sure and also as PCs, and yes different Terminator variants too.

GW:   Finally, I know you can’t give away too much without spoiling future releases for the game, but if it is successfully funded (which I have every faith in happening) is there any expansion or supplement that you would love to cover?

MR: Yes we have plans for more if people want it. It’s very exciting and we can’t wait for people to get the game in their hands

I would like to thank Mark for taking the time out of a very hectic and busy schedule to chat with Gamers Web and wish Nightfall Games all the very best with the upcoming Kickstarter

Check out the links below to find out more about Nightfall Games and the Terminator Roleplaying Game.

Click the image to go to the Kickstarter campaign page

The Terminator RPG Website page:

Nightfall Games Facebook page:

The Terminator RPG Facebook page:

Nightfall on Twitter: @nightfallgames

The Terminator RPG on Twitter: @TerminatorRPG

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