Alien Visitors Get an Upgrade. Crooked Dice Design Studio

A while ago I did a quick review of the excellent Alien Invaders from Crooked Dice Games Design Studio and coming this summer they are getting a brand new upgrade.

The brand new vehicle will be made from both resin and white metal and feature a gunner and driver inspired by that excellent creation of Kenneth Johnson ‘V’ the cult science fiction series that made a real impact when it was first broadcast way back in 1984.

Here is what Crooked Dice had to say about the product!

A new addition to our Alien Invader range – Jeep with heavy weapon! We’ll also be producing an alternate driver (with cap and sunglasses) without the gunner. Plus the kit will come with a spare steering wheel, so you can have a parked Jeep. This resin and metal kit will be released Summer 2021. More Invaders and Resistance fighters being sculpted next! Gunner and driver sculpted by Ernst Veingart. Jeep converted by Ernst from a UAZ designed by Keith Armstrong.

You can still get your hands on the original Alien Invaders by clicking the image below and keep your eye peeled for updates as soon as more information is available.

Alien Invaders 1

All Images Copyright Crooked Dice Game Design Studios All Rights Reserved.

Click on the banner to go to the Crooked Dice Website

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