Papsikels Fantasy Patreon April 2021

This months Fantasy tier from Papsikels Patreon is just about to hit printers all over the world and here is the full rundown of what you can expect to have on your build plate over the next few weeks.

Click the banner to go to the Papsikels Patreon page and subscribe to Papsikels right now!Papsikels Miniatures is creating Fantasy, Cyberpunk and Pop Culture Models  for 3DPrinting | Patreon

This month sees Shadowstride, a group of sexy and deadly female Chromatic Elf assassins who are more than capable of getting the job done. The bundle comes in both 32mm and 75mm scales, supported and unsupported and is available right now and until May 14th 2021

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Many thanks to Mark Tayag from Papsikels for all his help with this article.

All Images Copyright Papsikels All Rights Reserved.

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