Kyoushuneko Miniatures. April Patreon Space Dwarves

Recently I posted details of Kyoushuneko Miniatures fantasy release for their April Patreon, the Sky Dwarfs and now its time to turn the spotlight onto their science fiction tier

Many years ago Games Workshop released a line of miniatures for Warhammer 40,0000 that hold a special piece in the hearts of many gamers around the world. The Squats where the science fiction equivalent of fantasy dwarves, short in stature and temper and held grudges for hundreds of years.

The stout warriors became a firm fan favourite with players, but always lacked that certain something that would allow them to keep up with the more popular lines such as the Space Marines, Orks and Eldar. Eventually the rug was pulled from under the Squats and they were discontinued by Games Workshop.

If you check out my look at Wargames Atlantics Enjieer Dwarfs you will see that there is still a place for space dwarves out there and thankfully so. Enter our friends at Kyoushuneko Miniatures with a follow up to their Sky Dwarves and some excellent Space Dwarves.

The Kyoushuneko Miniatures Space Dwarves are modular, coming in both presupported and unsupported files and each features a single piece body,with modular arms and heads and weapons, which will allow you to build up a unique squad of models, that all have that dwarven look and will fit in perfectly alongside other futuristic bretheran.

As always with Kyoushuneko Miniatures the quality is first rate with some pretty aweome detail that really reminds one of old school 40K and these bad boys look ready for action right off the build plate.

Kyoushuneko Miniatures April Science Fiction Patreon

There are nine models in total in this bundle, including two different trikes which include rider and are simple to put together at just three parts. Printing is very simple and fast, with a full plate giving most of the options for six models on the Elegoo Mars.

The models are ideal for Stargrave and would good miners turned pirates if you mix and match them with the fantasy tier, which is exactly what I intend to do. I have already printed and painted some of the Sky Dwarves and just taken the Space Dwarves out of the cleaning vat ready to be cured and assembled. I hope to bring more coverage in my run up to the release of Stargrave, as well as adding some of my own thematic background.

Check out the gallery below!

The Sky Dwarves are still available from Kyoushuneko Miniatures for April 2021

The files are available right now from the links below.

You can sign up for Kyoushuneko Miniatures right now and if you act fast you can use the discount code at the link below and check out all of the links below (don’t forget to subscribe to keep up with updates and news). Once again my many thanks to Andréi Lanes of Kyoushuneko Miniatures for all his help with this article.

May be an image of 1 person and text that says "สรn3ว KYOUSHUNEKO MINIATURES MARCH- APRIL 50% OFF WHOLE STORE M MyMiniFactory DISCOUNT CODE kyoushuneko50"

All Images Copyright Kyoushuneko Miniatures All Rights Reserved

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