‘LETS ROCK!’ Papsikels Aliens vs Humans Patreon May 2021

Time to stop your grinning and drop your linen as Papsikels goes into deep space with this months Patreon bundel. I only need to know one thing man, where they are! Check it out!

The Aliens vs Humans bundle is just the first part of some amazing models that will be ideal for games such as Aliens Another Glorius Day in the Corp, Stargrave and many others, and a must have for xenomorph fans everywhere. Something huge is coming next month so stay tuned. Check out the images in the gallery below and a couple of my prints.

As you can see this months bundle is very much inspired by Aliens and features some pretty excellent models that look like they walked right of the film lot and onto the bulld plate. Aliens is pretty big news right now and the movie is about to celebrate its 35th anniversary so what better time to sign up to Papsikels

Click the banner to go to the Papsikels Patreon page and subscribe to Papsikels right now!

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Many thanks to Mark Tayag from Papsikels for all his help with this article.

All Images Copyright Papsikels All Rights Reserved.

Here are a few of my own prints. Printed using my Elegoo Mars, with Anycubic Standard Grey Resin 0.05mm layer height and printed at 75mm scale.

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