Mark Tayag Papsikels Interview

If you are interested in 3d Printing and miniatures, you may well have heard of Papsikels, a unique individual who designs some pretty amazing models, often inspired by movies and cult games such as Aliens and Cyberpunk!

I was lucky enough to catch a few moments with Mark Tayag AKA Mr. Papsikels recently and had a chat with him about his ideas, methods and plans for the future and here is the latest in a series of interviews with 3D designers Mr Mark Tayag!

Papsikels - Posts | Facebook
Papsikels Miniatures best served Ice Cool!

GW: Firstly thank you so very much for taking the time to talk with Gamers Web, I know how busy you are. If you could give a brief introduction to those who may not know you that would be great.

MT: Hi Everyone, my Name is Mark Tayag commonly known as Papsikels. I am a full time Creative Director at Papsikels Miniatures. I am also the Owner and Founder of Papsikels Miniatures. Before that I was working on a well known Triple A Game Company and have shipped many Game Titles as a Lead Weapons Artist. After i finished my Last triple A Game I decided to leave that industry and started my own Creative Studio.

I just actually started my Studio last year, back then I was just the only one doing most of the models for my patrons. But recently I have started to recruit my very talented team including my wife to help me bring the best contents for my patrons monthly.

The Epic Xeno Brood Mother, this model is HUGE

GW: What tools do you use for designing a model? Could you talk us through the design process perhaps?

MT: My Primary Modelling tool for Both Organic and Hard Surface Sculpting is a software called Zbrush – i used to work heavily on 3ds max during my game development days. But nowadays I seldom use that software. My main supporting and slicing software is Lychee slicer. And by the way I do all the support for my models personally. It’s something I want to do and for me supporting a miniature is like a puzzle that you need to figure out and predict its outcome. I really enjoy it.

Enjoy your meal!

GW: How long on average does it take from concept to finished model?

MT: It depends on the kind of model I want to do .Sometimes it takes me 30 minutes to finish a model, sometimes it takes me 3 days to finish one.

I usually go straight to modeling when I have an idea. As I am not very good in 2d drawing anymore.

GW: The Cyberpunk and Aliens themes have been really popular and have so many wonderful both ranges. Do you have a particular favourite?

MT: General Sci Fi is really my Favorite Theme . Cyberpunk is just a genre of SciFi. I love both of them. Actually, if i have to choose i will do lots of different kinds of sci fi creatures, military units and civilians and of course never before seen creatures of the Universe!.

Oh and I love making spaceships, mechs and sexy models too! 😀

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

GW: You do a lot of collaborative work with other designers, often as a guest on a kickstarter campaign or another patreon. Do you enjoy collaborating with other designers?

MT: Yes I do. Actually i have a lot of designers and creators contacting me to either do a collaboration and cross promotion with them. I guess I never say no to a fellow creator just like me. I never have never been too passive to help fellow creators in this industry. And also I love making new friends everyday 🙂

They mostly print at night. Mostly!

GW: Speaking of kickstarter I hear that there are plans for your very own, could you shed a little.light on that?

MT: Yes I do actually. As you know, where I am based. I cannot start my own Kickstarter campaign so I have formed a partnership with a close friend of mine to set up my first ever Kickstarter Campaign. This is Campaign that I am planning. You can think of it as my Aliens VS Humans Part 4. With the inclusion of the first 3 sets that I made. Plus new never before seen models that i will release only in the campaign as stretch goals.
It’s going to be exciting and I really hope you can support me with my first ever Campaign.

A witching Elf if I ever saw one!

Also I am planning to do another crowdfunding campaign in MMF. It will not be Aliens vs Humans themed but a different one . and an exciting action packed one 🙂 more details will be revealed soon in my patreon ang fb group page.

GW: What machines do you use personally to print your models?

MT: I use 4 different brands of 3d Printers. For this reason, I want my pre-supported models to work on every brand and every resin type. My main test Printer is Elegoo Mars, the most standard one. Then I use Phrozen Sonic 4k and Anycubic Mono X. Plus I have 4 fdm printers. Ender 3 pro Ender 5 plus and 2 biqub1.

Cyberpunk at its finest

GW: Your supports are amazing and it’s so cool that you offer fully supported files as well as Lychee and Chitbox. Does it take a long time to work on all those formats?

MT: Thank you , I personally do all the Supporting for all the models i release. I take great pride in my support work because this is where you will feel the Papsikels Quality and Brand. When you print my models you will be guaranteed with easy to remove supports. resin efficiency – less waste and reliable results.

My main supporting Tool is Lychee , i used to work on Chitubox before but when I tried Lychee I never went back.

GW: Given how much the technology for home 3D printing has advanced in such a short space of time and it is now more affordable than ever, what would your advice be for someone who wants to get started?

MT: There are Two Kinds of 3d Printing. FDM printing and Resin Printing.
FDM Printing is a bit more Technical and Frustrating at first but when you master it, it’s very powerful. It’s mostly used for terrains and other cool stuff. You can also use it for miniatures but there is an obvious quality comparison with Resin Printing.

Who’s Fat!

Resin Printing is easy to Operate but is super Messy and costly. The price of resin is something that is not for everyone but the quality of resin prints is incredible.

Honestly my Models are all intended for Resin Printing but I do have Modular Terrains for FDM Printing. So if you ask me I will recommend learning resin printing. It is the best thing that happened to creators and hobbyists this year. I always say once you start resin printing you will unlock a whole new world. You will never get bored again. Unless you have no more resin hahaha

Papsikels Miniatures is creating Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk and Pop Culture Models  for 3DPrinting | Patreon
Some of the Metahumans Welcome Pack

GW: And finally if you could choose any genre or theme to design what would it be and why?

MT: If I had to choose, it would be Fantasy Science Fiction . I love combining Fantasy and Space. I love to mix and mashing different genres and I have so many ideas that I want to do but so little time. But slowly and surely it will all be done. 🙂

Papz Industries Arkiel MK1 APC

My many thanks go to Mark for taking the time out of his busy schedule to chat with Gamers Web. You can follow Mark and Papsikels at the links below, and look out for more details on his upcoming Kickstarter soon here on Gamers Web.

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Many thanks to Mark Tayag from Papsikels for all his help with this article.

All Images Copyright Papsikels All Rights Reserved.

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