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Hey there and welcome to a brand new section on Gamers Web that is dedicated to 3D printing for collectors and miniature gamers.

I will try to update this section of Gamers Web as often as possible (hopefully weekly) but I am currently back in studys and due to the pandemic have my five-year-old son Zachary at home almost all of the time so getting time to write can be tricky, filming even more so.

So what is the plan?
Well since we went into a state of lockdown here in Scotland last March I have been passing the time printing models, busts and miniatures at home and its been a pretty enjoyable hobby. I have managed to get to grips (mostly) with a lot of the ins and outs of 3d resin printing and my poor printer has only had a two week or so break since I got it last March.

My aim is to look at whats available in the worlds of 3d Printing, patreon projects that I support and are available, show off some of my own prints and even offer my own ideas when I can.

While I am not the most experienced when it comes to 3d printing, I still have some miles on me and several hundreds of prints (successful and failed) and have picked up a few things that I hope can help someone else learn and grow within the hobby.

February 2021

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