Modiphia Issue 2 available for FREE download now!

News in from our good friends at Modiphius Entertainment about issue two of their FREE in house magazine Modipha.
Today we’re really pleased to announce the release of issue 2 of  Modiphia – Modiphius Entertainment’s official digital magazine.
Modiphia is available as a FREE download from and

New 1/6 Scale Warhammer 40,000 Dioramas coming soon from HMO Collectables


News just in that HMO Collectables are doing a series of dioramas based on Warhammer 40,000.  They won’t be cheap as they are high end statues like most of their other ranges, but they sure will be detailed.

Check out the information HERE

Green Ronin lands The Expanse RPG

Legendary games publisher Green Ronin have just issued an amazing press release which sees them getting the license for one of the hottest science fiction lines out there ‘The Expanse’.  Recently adapted into one of the best shows on television in its genre, The Expanse is based on a series of award winning novels by author James S A Corey Continue reading Green Ronin lands The Expanse RPG

Space 1889 Venus

Explore the strange and exotic world of Venus in the Space 1889 roleplaying game from Modiphius Entertainment and discover a whole new world to play in. Keep the flag of the Empire flying and show a stiff upper lip as you encounter strange foul alien beasties in a world that HG Wells would have been proud of!

More details and information at the link below