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Army Spotlight: Craig Brown

Welcome to a new feature here on Gamers Web, Army Spotlight!  Here we will chat with fellow gamers about the hobby and more importantly their lovingly painted and converted armies for a wide variety of games.

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Is Warhammer 40k Priced Fairly?

An interesting article from our guest blogger and friend Alif Cheng.  There is an old saying that goes” if you buy a Mini don’t expect to get a Porsche!” Comments always welcome folks

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2000AD A History in Miniature

2000AD is a stalwart of British comics, having been around since 1977 and gained legions of fans around the world.  The comic is often seen as a sounding board for social and political issues of the current time, often using … Continue reading

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Bored Games???

Here is another article from our good friend Alif Cheng of Tabletop Cashback on what to do with all those old games and stuff you no longer seem to play.

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