Happy Birthday Croocked Dice Games Design Studio

By the time you read this, Crooked Dice Games Design Studio will have just turned 10 years old and are having a party to celebrate.  Check out the post from their official Facebook page below, and many congratulations to Karl and everyone at Crooked Dice, here’s to the next ten years!

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Age of Sigmar: Mortal Realms Issue Eight. Hachette Partworks

Here is my look at the latest issue of Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Mortal Realms from Hachette Partworks, in conjunction with Games Workshop. Continue reading

Judge Dredd Core Book and expansion Judge Dredd Robot Wars. Modiphius Entertainment

Great news for Judge Dredd fans as our good friends at Modiphius Entertainment announce that they are stocking the excellent Judge Dredd and Worlds of 2000AD Roleplaying game from EN Publishing.

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Modiphius Entertainment Update

As the global pandemic continues to cut its way across the planet, more and more games companies are very sensibly closing up doors and battening down the hatches.  Here is an update from our very good friends at Modiphius Entertainment.  I would like to wish Chris, Rita and everyone at Modiphius Towers all the very best and please stay safe guys during this terrible time (and anyone reading this too, please follow guidelines, stay safe and keep each other safe).

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