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Welcome to the interview section of Gamers Web.  As it says on the label, here you will find interviews with people in the gaming industry, cosplay community and much more.

Bill & Ted Riff in Time Interview. Warcradle Studios

Bill & Ted is a bit of a cultural phenomena, the movies became cult classics, and have been referenced in popular culture for the past thirty years.  Now we are on the eve of a third movie in the franchise … Continue reading

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Blinded me with Science! (Modiphius Entertainment)

Great news for Trek fans from our good friends at Modiphius Entertainment with the arrival of the latest supplement for their excellent Star Trek Adventures Roleplaying Game.  Along with Command and Operations this book will give you a fully rounded … Continue reading

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Joanne Alexander Cosplay Interview

There are cosplayers and then there are COSPlayers, those who go way above and beyond when it comes to their hobby.  I am very lucky that I know a plethora of amazing people around the world, and many of them … Continue reading

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Gabrielle Riddlough Cosplay Interview

Continuing our look at the names that make cosplay special, in this article we have a quick chat with Gabrielle Riddlough, better known as East Coast Annabelle; who has an interesting story to tell, and we find out just why … Continue reading

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Edinburgh Comic Con 2019 James Lundy Interview

One of the highlights of the year for me is going to conventions, in fact for the past fifteen years or so it has been my holiday more or less and albeit a working one!  So each year I get … Continue reading

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The British Are Coming AGAIN: Judge Dredd and the Worlds of 2000AD Roleplaying Game Interviews and Insights

The British Connection.  Judge Dredd and the Worlds of 2000AD Roleplaying Game Interviews and insights! Judge Dredd, while an actual American by birth, is as British as Fish & Chips, cups of tea, and complaining about the weather.  Sure he … Continue reading

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Fallout Wasteland Warfare Interview with James Sheahan!

War! War never changes! If you know where this tag line comes from then you must be among the untold multitude of gamers around the world who have played the games in the hit Fallout series of video games!  A … Continue reading

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