Star Trek Adventures Updates (Modiphius Entertainment)

Loads of updates from Modiphius Entertainment for the excellent Star Trek Adventures Roleplaying game, including your chance to get the Borg Cube Collection again.  Hurry though as stocks last time went very quickly.

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Tails of Equestria PDF Rulebook Now Available!

Great news for My Little Pony Fans and fans of great games everywhere as Tails of Equestria is finally available from our good friends at Riverhorse!  Check out the press release below and head on over to the site to grab a copy before they are all gone!

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John Carter Updates. (Modiphius Entertainment)

You may have heard of the name John Carter, the movie that almost killed Disney due to its terrible marketing. Well John Carter is a very well written and much loved character from a series of books from the creator of Tarzan, Edgar Rice Burroughs; that was first published over 96 years! Our good friends over at Modiphius Entertainment are bringing the stories set on the red planet to life in both miniature and roleplaying formats, with their successful kickstarter campaign.

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