New from the Doghouse

A wee while back I posted details of the latest expansion for Warlord Games excellent Strontium Dog Miniatures Game. The Kreelers I have already covered in that post, but now we have two brand new units available to pre order.

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DC News

I am not really a huge fan of DC to be honest.  I used to be many years ago, even sporting a very faded Bat symbol tattoo on my shoulder that is nearly 30 years old now.  But in fairness seeing as I do cover other thing comic related I would be amiss to not […]

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Shadowspear Pre Orders

Games Workshops new Battlebox for Warhammer 40,000 is about to go up on pre-order this week.  Shadowspear will see the forces of Chaos return to Vigilus and take on the Vanguard Space Marines in a fight for the system itself.

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