Papsikels The Metahumans Patreon June 2021

The latest entry into the Metahumans tier from our friends at Papsikels is now up and available to download, lets check it out.

‘This Time its WAR!’ Papsikels Aliens vs Humans Part 2 Patreon June 2021

‘Alright, people, what are you waiting for? Breakfast in bed?’ Sgt Apone. Time to pile into the M577 APC and saddle up pal as Papsikels have a treat for us again!

NovaMinis Patreon June 2021 Release

Novaminis have just uploaded their files for June 2021s Patreon and some great stuff there that Im sure you will love. This month sees the Realm of Shadows: Savage Lycanthropes!