NovaMinis Patreon April 2021 Release

Its the first of the month and that can only mean that the Patreons for April 2021 are ready to drop and bring with them another month of printing excitmenet. Here is the news on the latest patreon from our friends at NovaMinis for April 2021! The one thing that seems to be missing from my fantasy prints is fantasy themed zombies, well it was untlil now! They’re coming to get you Barbara!

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NovaMinis Free Giveaway

Another great free giveaway from the wonderful folks over at NovaMinis and everyone loves something for free right? NovaMinis are giving away not one, but three awesome models!

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NovaMinis Patreon March 2021 Release

Its March 1st and Spring is officially upon us. Today sees the release of many patreons from our favourite vendors and an ideal time to sign up for the scheme if you haven’t already. NovaMinis have some amazing models again this month and a free model too.

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Kisarta Kickstarter now underway. Isola Illyon Edizioni

Italian games publisher Isola Illyon Edizioni have a brand new fantasy setting for 5E is now live on Kickstarter and promises to bring a lot of great ideas to the genre.  Right now 5E is getting loads of love from roleplayers so check this out and the campaign is already doing great! Continue reading