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Pulp Sci-Fi Heroes and Villains enters final hours! Crooked Dice Studios

Firstly sorry for the delay in posting this as I wasn’t aware that the kickstarter had launched till today.  The every excellent Crooked Dice Studios are now entering the final few days of their current kickstarter campaign and they have … Continue reading

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7TV Apocalypse – Crooked Dice Games

7TV Apocalypse is a tabletop skirmish wargame inspired by the many apocalyptic spectacles of television and cinema!  Hurtle across the tabletop in bikes, muscle cars, and trucks or fight as survivors, mutants, raiders, angels or zombies at the end of … Continue reading

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We Come In Peace (Crooked Dice Game Design Studios)

Towards the end of last year, the guys over at Crooked Dice Game Design Studios ran a very successful Kickstarter campaign for their 7TV Apocalypse game expansion for their excellent 7TV  miniatures game. 

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