More Space Marines on the horizon. Bandai

Last year Games Workshop announced a partnership with toy giants Bandai, and a brand new action figure in the form of an Intercessor Primaris Space Marine.  The toy sold out pretty quickly, but a second wave is just about to be launched. Continue reading

Games Workshop Previews McFarlaine Action Figures. Games Workshop

Earlier this year at the New York Toy Fair, McFarlane Toys showed off a Space Marine action figure, the first in their exclusive line of action figures with Games Workshop.  Now the Nottingham based Games Workshop has teased more details and new actions figures. #staysafe, stayhome Continue reading

Space Marine Action Figure. Games Workshop

When I post things on Gamers Web, I also share them on relavant groups on Facebook.  This is two-fold really as it can draw in more traffic to my site, and also keep the debate going as not many people tend to comment on the site but will on Facebook. Continue reading