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Zombicide. Dark Tide Unboxing. CMON

I have recently uploaded my unboxing of one of the new games in the Zombicide range of co-operative board games; Zombicide; Dark Side to our YouTube Channel.

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Crusader Kings Board Game out now. Modiphius Entertainment

Our good friends at Modiphius Entertainment are pleased to announce Crusader Kings a brand new board game!

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A quick look at Hungergames Mockingjay. Riverhorse

News from our good friends over at Riverhorse about the Mockingjay Kickstarter they ran a while back. Games Guru and all around good guy Alessio jumps into the game on the video and is as excited as fans are to … Continue reading

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Weta Launch District 9 Board Game! Weta Workshop

Though better known for their amazing special effects for movies such as Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and much more; Weta Workshop also create games and have just launched a kickstarter campaign for District 9: The Board Game!

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WizKids add Warhammer 40,000 Relic to its line up (WizKids)

WizKids are once again teaming up with games giant Games Workshop to bring a new version of the board game Relic.  This game uses a system very similar to Talisman one of the best games ever to come out of … Continue reading

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WizKids announces Warhammer Age of Sigmar The Rise and Fall of Anvalor

WizKids the guys behind Heroclix and so many other great games have a good relationship with Games Workshop and have released a few titles over the years based on the companies games.  Recently WizKids gave a press release to confirm … Continue reading

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Hunger Games Mockingjay enters final few days!

There is still time to pledge and get access to all the great miniatures unlocked for this exciting kickstarter.

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