Warlord tease Dredd vs Death miniature. Warlord Games

Last weekend saw Warlord Games open its doors to the general public and have its annual open day.  While I was unable to attend myself, Craig did get us a load of photos from the event, including some awesome shots of the new Judge Dredd miniatures game!

Osprey Games Announce Helter Skelter

Osprey Games have just announced a.brand new game set in the 2000AD universe, that will see characters from the Galaxies Greatest Comic book pitted against fragmented reality as world’s come crashing down 

Judge Dredd and Worlds of 2000AD chat transcript with Chris Lite (EN Publishing)

A couple of nights ago Chris Lite the project line manager on the upcoming Judge Dredd and Worlds of 2000AD roleplaying game did a chat style Q&A hosted by Dan Davenport on his excellent site Random Worl. I braved the fact it was nearly two in the morning and joined in. 

Judge Dredd and Worlds of 2000AD & The Robot Wars campaign book now available in PDF (EN Publishing)

Since last October’s successful kickstarter for the excellent Judge Dredd and Worlds of 2000AD roleplaying game, backers have been lucky enough to have PDF copies of both the core rules and the first campaign book The Robot Wars, while everyone else.had to wait!