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The Cursed Earth. EN Publishing

Its been a pretty rollercoaster few months for fans of Judge Dredd, the sad passing of the legend that is Mr. Carlos Ezquerra last October left a huge hole in the lives of fans around the world and he is … Continue reading

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Necromunda Dark Uprising previewed. Games Workshop

It’s pretty much a given thing these days that Games Workshop are leaders in their field of tabletop gaming and very few companies can even come remotely closs to knocking them off their silver perch at the upper echelons of … Continue reading

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Saber Athena and Hakuja join Pacific Rim: Extinction Miniatures Game. Riverhorse

Just when you thought it was safe to cancel that apocalypse all over again, Riverhorse come along to tempt you with even more Jaeger/Kaiju goodness!

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Wargames Illustrated Issue 385 Dredd Decal Giveaway!

A quick look through Wargames Illustrated Issue 385. This issue features articles on the upcoming Judge Dredd miniatures game from our good friends at Warlord Games and comes with a set of free Judge Dredd decals to spruce up your … Continue reading

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League of Infamy Kickstarter LIVE! Mantic Games

If there is one thing that Mantic Games is well known for, it has to be how great value their kickstarters are!  From Kings of War, to Hellboy and many more, all have great pledges and offer a huge saving … Continue reading

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November Preorders Wild West Exodus. Warcradle Studios

Novembers preorders for Wild West Exodus are now live from our pals at Warcradle Studios!

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Star Trek Adventures: Strange New Worlds. Modiphius Entertainment

More excellent news from our friends at Modiphius Entertainment about their awesome Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game!

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