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Doctor Who Miniatures Game 2019 preview (Warlord Games)

So there hasn’t been a new release for the excellent Doctor Who Miniatures Game since the 13th Doctor and TARDIS way back in November last year, and while things have been hinted at, it wasn’t until now that we had … Continue reading

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Dalek Needs Your Help! (Doctor Who)

Anyone who knows me will.be well aware of the importance that the cult television series Doctor Who has played in my life, and you can even check out why by reading my article Here on how it shaped me into … Continue reading

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First, Fourth and Tenth Doctors (Warlord Games)

Doctor Who has been a huge part of my life, ever since I was a small child (see my article for more information) and for over fifty years now I have been excited about all things Who and beyond.

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Doctor Who Miniatures Game: Exterminate (Warlord Games)

Recently I was lucky enough to get sent some samples of miniatures from our good friends at Warlord Games to review.  The miniatures were from the Doctor Who range and can be used in their Doctor Who miniatures game.  I … Continue reading

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Inside Warlord Games, Doctor Who: Into the Time Vortex

Here is a great video from massive Doctor Who fan Tom Robinson that takes a good look at the whole process of creating a model from start to finish as he takes a tour of the Warlord Games HQ in … Continue reading

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Rebellion Opens Film and Television Studios (Rebellion)

That stalwart of British gaming and comic books, Rebellion are all set to open a huge £78 Million studio in Didcot! 

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It’s all gone a bit Northern. 13th Doctor sighted

October 2018 saw history being made (or rewritten) as Jodie Whittaker began her run as the 13th Doctor on the worlds longest running science fiction drama Doctor Who!

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