A Look at Codex Orks (Games Workshop)

Orktober is now in our rear view mirror as we zoom into November and what better time than now to take a look at the brand new Codex Orks from Games Workshop.  Remember you can’t spell Workshop without Orks! Continue reading A Look at Codex Orks (Games Workshop)

Full of Orky Goodness: Ork Codex ahoy

As autumn draws ever closer, and Orktober is almost over, we look to the future and the long awaited Ork Codex draws closer and closer.

Orks are a great army for Warhammer 40,000, fun to play and collect and not full of themselves like some of the other forces in the game.  Some great looking stuff coming soon. Continue reading Full of Orky Goodness: Ork Codex ahoy

Speed Freeks Army List

With Orktober being over half way through now, its time to relax your foot on the throttle and think about the bigger picture.  A new codex is due very soon and Speed Freeks will be up for pre-order this coming weekend. Continue reading Speed Freeks Army List