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Q-Collectibles unveil 1/4th scale Dredd statue. 2000AD

Zarjaz news for fans of Old Stoney Face himself, as Q-Collectibles unveil their amazing 1/4th scale statue of the toughest cop in comics history, Judge Joe Dredd.

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Primaris Space Marine Action Figure Now LIVE. Games Workshop

The limited edition Space Marine Primaris Intercessor action figure from Bandai and Games Workshop is now live for preorder!

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Games Workshop gets Funky!

If you have visited a comic convention, shop, highstreet music store or even a supermarket in the past two or three years, then you will no doubt be aware of Funko Pop Vinyl Figures. These hugely popular and often highly … Continue reading

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First, Fourth and Tenth Doctors (Warlord Games)

Doctor Who has been a huge part of my life, ever since I was a small child (see my article for more information) and for over fifty years now I have been excited about all things Who and beyond.

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Art for Arts sake

Games Workshops games often are a talking point.  Fans will get very heated over the latest set of rules, or argue till the cows come home that one army is more powerful than another, or the points are out on … Continue reading

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Space Marine: Heroes!

Blind boxed products are not a new thing, in fact they have been around for many, many years.  You take something like a hit anime show and make a product based around it and then sell it in boxes with … Continue reading

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Noggin the Nog now on Kickstarter

Its always great when you hear about a piece of news that reminds you of your childhood, even more so when a very old friend is involved.  Just launched on Kickstarter is Noggin the Nog The Miniatures is bringing to … Continue reading

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