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Contrasting Opinions

Okay they have been out since the middle of June this year and there are a gazillion videos on YouTube with everyone from novices to veteran painters giving their two cents worth.  So why not jump on the bandwagon.

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Citadel Paint up a storm! Games Workshop

Recently¬† Games Workshop announced that they will be launching a brand new paint system ‘The Contrast System’ which will make life a lot easier for painters, especially those new to the hobby.

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Contrasting ideas! Games Workshop

Recently it was announced at Warhammer Fest that Games Workshop had a whole new painting system all ready and geared up to take the hobby by storm

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Paint the whole world. Games Workshop

The recent announcement of the incoming Contrast Paint System from Games Workshop has caused a lot of controversy and conversation since the announcement was made.

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Its all a matter of Contrast! Games Workshop

One of the most controversial  things to come out of this weekends Warhammer Fest is the announcement of the new Contrast paint range from Citadel!

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