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The Expanse gets a new teaser and new season renewal!

It’s been a crazy year for the cast and crew of the award winning show.The Expanse, getting cancelled and then picked up again and moving home to a new service had to be tiring.

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Science Division Supplement. Modiphus Entertainment

Star Trek seems to be everywhere these days. From Discovery recently ending its second season and being green lit for a much anticipated third, too filming commencing on the Picard show and of course the recent announcement of a second … Continue reading

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Marvel What If announced for Disney +

Marvel Comics has been around for a long, long time, from yesteryear when they were known as Timely, to the post war era and the golden age of comic books, to the seventies and beyond. 

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Edinburgh Comic Con 2019 Convention

There is one thing that we never have any control over here in Scotland is the weather!  We make jokes about it all the time but truth be told it can get pretty lousy and miserable at times.

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Jokers Wild!

All good things come to an end at some point. It’s been a pretty crazy and mixed up world over in Gotham, the television home of the proto Batman.

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Stranger Things Season Three final trailer.

Over the past couple of years Stranger Things has become something of a cult television phenomena, gaining legions of fans around the world and being critically praised for its loving recreation of 80s life and angst growing up in small … Continue reading

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Silence is Golden! Warlord Games

There are monsters that some people find scary, from vampires and Frankenstein’s creature, to zombies and aliens.  Mostly they are actors in suits or covered in prosthetics, but horror delves deep into the imagination of the viewer and makes something … Continue reading

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