Capital Sci-Fi Con Edinburgh February 16th 2019

Convention season has already kicked off 2019 with a bang and today saw quite a few first cons of the year up and down the UK.  I live in Edinburgh so its only natural to go closer to home, and the first con in the city this year was Capital Sci-Fi held over three days at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange! Continue reading

Hey, Who Turned Out The Lights? Vashta Nerada for Doctor Who Exterminate Miniatures Game (Warlord Games)

Doctor Who is well known for having its scary monsters, from the evil incarnate Daleks to the shop dummies that come to life in the form of the Autons.  Over the past fifty-five years the creatures on this hit television show have scared generations of children and adults alike. Continue reading

Doctor Who Miniatures Game 2019 preview (Warlord Games)

So there hasn’t been a new release for the excellent Doctor Who Miniatures Game since the 13th Doctor and TARDIS way back in November last year, and while things have been hinted at, it wasn’t until now that we had a good idea what was coming next. Continue reading