Work for Warcradle Studios

Warcradle Studios are currently looking to fill several positions within their expanding company. If you feel you could fill any of these roles then this could be the dream job of a lifetime. Continue reading Work for Warcradle Studios

Warcradle Classics Wave VI

More good news for fans of Dystopian Wars as Warcradle annonunce the arrival of wave six of their ‘Classics’ range.  Once again a great way to fill in the gaps in your existing fleets and to use during the beta playtest. Continue reading Warcradle Classics Wave VI

The Deadly 7 verses Wayward 8 (BoW)

What happens when some of the roughest and toughest hombres in the west meet up with some of the most cunning?  Check out this great video from our good friends over at Beasts of War as they are joined by Darren from Warcradle as the Deadly 7 face off against The Wayward 8.   Continue reading The Deadly 7 verses Wayward 8 (BoW)

Infernal Investigations UNboxed

Infernal Investigations is the latest video unboxing on our YouTube channel.  We take a look at this awesome offering from Warcradle for Wild West Exodus.   Continue reading Infernal Investigations UNboxed

Brave Hunters and Youngbloods UNboxed

Just uploaded a new Gamers Web UNboxed video to our YouTube channel. This video takes a look at Brave Hunters and Youngbloods for Wild West Exodus from Warcradle Studios. Continue reading Brave Hunters and Youngbloods UNboxed

Warcradle celebrate 10 years of Wayland Games

Warcradle are celebrating 10 years of their parent company Wayland Games and as such have two brand new models for the excellent Wild West Exodus to offer. Continue reading Warcradle celebrate 10 years of Wayland Games

D-Wars 3rd Edition Open Beta Teased

Stuart from Warcradle has just teased this image over on the Warcradle Studios Facebook page.  People have been waiting for ages for the new edition of Dystopian Wars and it looks like we can get to see it sooner than expected.  Continue reading D-Wars 3rd Edition Open Beta Teased