Lets Play: Dystopian Wars Open Beta ( Guerrilla Miniature Games)

Another amazing Lets Play video by the ever awesome Guerrilla Miniature Games this time Ash and Greg take us step by step through the new open beta for Dystopian Wars from Warcradle Studios! Continue reading Lets Play: Dystopian Wars Open Beta ( Guerrilla Miniature Games)

Work for Warcradle Studios

Warcradle Studios are currently looking to fill several positions within their expanding company. If you feel you could fill any of these roles then this could be the dream job of a lifetime. Continue reading Work for Warcradle Studios

Warcradle Classics Wave VI

More good news for fans of Dystopian Wars as Warcradle annonunce the arrival of wave six of their ‘Classics’ range.  Once again a great way to fill in the gaps in your existing fleets and to use during the beta playtest. Continue reading Warcradle Classics Wave VI

D-Wars 3rd Edition Open Beta Teased

Stuart from Warcradle has just teased this image over on the Warcradle Studios Facebook page.  People have been waiting for ages for the new edition of Dystopian Wars and it looks like we can get to see it sooner than expected.  Continue reading D-Wars 3rd Edition Open Beta Teased

Wave III from Warcradle Announced

More exciting news from Warcradle this morning! Check out the website for more details!

Warcradle Classics: Wild West Exodus Goodness!
You may have seen our Warcradle Classics announcements and the first two Waves including items from the first two editions of Dystopian Wars, but now, we’re ready to announce Wave III and we think you’re going to like it!

Wave III contains over 60 items from the first two editions of Wild West Exodus. That’s right, you read correctly – over 60 items of pure Wild West Exodus goodness have been added to the Warcradle Classics range.

Find the full article on the Warcradle Studios blog.

Surprised to see Wild West Exodus miniatures? You shouldn’t be! The Warcradle Classics range is all about making classic miniatures available to everyone again – as long as masters and moulds pass our thorough quality control checks, of course.

Items in this wave of Warcradle Classics are currently available to order through our trade partners and are available to buy on the Wayland Games web store.

Be sure to follow our social channels for future Waves to find out what’s available, and when pre-orders go live, so you don’t miss out. Remember, items in the Warcradle Classics range are produced in limited numbers.

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Warcradle Classics Wave 2 up for pre-order

Warcradle have just announced that the second wave of their re-issues of Dystopian Wars classics are now available for pre-order.  Got some items missing from your fleets?  Check them out and get your orders in! Continue reading Warcradle Classics Wave 2 up for pre-order