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Claymore Wargames Show 2019

This Saturday saw the return of the annual Claymore Wargames show at the former Teviot building now known as Edinburgh University.  The show has been running for many decades and has been in several locations, but has now made this university building it’s annual venue and home.

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Warlord Open Day 2019

It’s that crazy time of the year once again when much like Willie Wonka, Warold Ganes opens its doors to the public and gives you the chance to see whats coming from the Mighty Warlord in the new year or so. Continue reading Warlord Open Day 2019

News from Vigilus Open Weekend (Games Workshop)

This weekend sees the  Vigilus Event taking place at Warhammer World in Nottingham.  Vigilus is a planet in the Warhammer 40,000 universe that is a key point and contested by all the major forces and this weekender sees the large complex that serves as a store and museum, as well as offices and more, host the event again and reveal whats coming out soon! Continue reading News from Vigilus Open Weekend (Games Workshop)