Thor and Valkyrie Expansion. Atomic Mass Games

Ever since I was a small child I have been fascinated with Norse mythology!  I learned the names of the Norse Pantheon before I could read and my grandfather used to read me stories of how the Norse Gods ruled the realms and how the Vikings worshiped them. Continue reading

Loki and Hela Expansion. Atomic Mass Games

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has done quite a lot over the years, giving us some truly amazing movies and characters, and putting superhero firmly into the collective consciousness of an eager public. Continue reading

Shuri and Okoye Expansion. Atomic Mass Games

Black Panther has been one of Marvels hidden masterpieces for over fifty years now, the first comic book to feature a non caucasion lead as its main protagonist and this was at a critical time during the civil rights movement in America! Continue reading

Venom Expansion. Atomic Mass Games


Since the character first appeared way back in 1963, Spider-Man has a whole host of villians and anti heroes to fight against, some of which have become some of the best loved charcters in comic book history. Continue reading