Bill & Ted: Riff in Time. Warcradle Studios

Greetings my most excellent friends, its about time I took a look at Bill & Ted: Riff in Time the most excellent board game from Warcradle Studios!

Leauge of Infamy Late Pledges. Mantic Games

In board games and table top games, its normally the good guys who are the main focus, from knights to space marines, they often get the limelight of attention, while the orcs, evil wizards and such are shunned to the background.

Lets Get Ready To Rumble (again)! TT Combat

Its been a while now since I covered anything new for TT Combats amazing fantasy wrestling game Rumbleslam, with the last real coverage being the Luchador Halflings that I received as part of the Halfling kickstarter last year!