Alien Colonial Marines Operations Manual. Free League Publishing

“Look Man. I only need to know one thing! Where they are?” Pvt Jeanette Vasquez, In the past thirty-five years, Aliens has often been seen as the benchmark for space action and adventure movies. Sure the effects are old now, but still stand up against the modern computer-generated movies of the Twenty-First Century, and theContinue reading “Alien Colonial Marines Operations Manual. Free League Publishing”

Humble Bundle Roleplaying Deal.

Free League are fast becoming one of the biggest names in Roleplaying and has some amazing games in its stables. Right now you can find out what the fuss is all about as Free League Publishing have teamed up with Humble Bundle for some fantastic deals!

Colonial Marines Operations Manual Now Shipping PDFs. Free Leauge Publishing

Great news for fans of the excellent Alien Roleplaying Game from Free League Publishing, the long awaited Colonial Marine Operational Manual finally being sent out to those who preordered it. ,