Win an Astra Militarium Catachan Colonel Limited Edition Miniature and MTG Boosters!

As I posted recently our friends at The Ark are currently running a raffle to win a limited edition Catachan miniature from Games Workshop and now have added an extra prize into the raffle! Continue reading

Warhammer 40,000 9th Edition Announced. Games Workshop

With the planet more or less on total lockdown due to Covid-19, a lot of us have had far to much time on our hands while we sit at home. Many games companies have jumped at the chance to draw our attentions and offered us free entertainment in the form of virtual events, webcasts and more, in order to keep themselves busy and in the public eye, as well help us out.  Games Workshop began doing a series of weekly broadcasts on Twitch TV and today they let the biggest cat of them all out of the bag in front of about eighteen million viewers! Continue reading

Win an Astra Militarium Catachan Colonel Limited Edition Miniature.

As you may have seen, recently Games Workshop allocated independent games traders some limited edition copies of an excellent Catachantchan Sargent miniature to thank them for their help during the current global crisis. Continue reading

Games Workshop Reopening soon! Games Workshop

Things in the world are still up in the air and life is far from back to normal, but there is light at the end of the tunnel and thankfully its not the front of an oncoming train.  Here is some great news from Andy Smillie from Games Workshop and its fantastic to see that one of the biggest companies in the hobby is supporting the smaller side!

Continue reading