Don’t Lose your Head! A closer look at Highlander the Board Games miniatures

Highlander is a cult movie, it was more or less destined to become one way back in 1986 when it was released.  With epic sword fights, great choreography and the best soundtrack ever, what else would one need.

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Princes of the Universe! Highlander the Board Game out now! (Riverhorse)

“Nuns! No sense of humor!”

The Kurgan

1986 was a fantastic year for movies, with some amazing movies making their big screen debuts for the first time.  We had James Camerons Aliens, the sequel to Ridley Scotts amazing thriller, John Hughes made us laugh with Ferris Buellers Day Off, and we where chilled by Oliver Stones Platoon that showed us the horrors of war. A sleeper movie that was an instant hit, was Russel Mulchay’s Highlander, a movie that pitted immortal warriors against each other as they fought for The Prize!   Continue reading