Dystopian Wars: Hunt for the Prometheus now on pre-order. Warcradle Studios

A few years ago the wonderful Spartan Games closed its doors for the final time and with it went its unique games Firestorm Armada, Halo Ground Command and the Victorian naval miniature game Dystopian Wars. For a while, it looked like we would never see any of these games again and then along come Warcradle to the rescue and save both Firestorm and Dystopian Wars. Now after months of design and playtesting by Warcradle, the all-new two-player starter set is up on preorder.

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Gamers Grass Tufts. Gamers Grass

When it comes to basing miniatures there are a lot of options out there, as many perhaps as there are miniature companies, and while there is no right or wrong way to base the models you have toiled over for hours, there are companies that can help give you realistic looking bases and not break the bank! Continue reading

The Elder Scrolls Call to Arms Pre-order is live!

The pre orders for the upcoming Skyrim based miniatures game The Elder Scrolls Call to Arms from our good friends at Modiphius Entertainment are now finally live.  Check out some of these amazing looking miniatures and a sneak peak at how the game plays on the videos!

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