Fallout Wasteland Warfare: UNboxed

It is finally here! After all the months of waiting Fallout Wasteland Warfare is finally hitting those who pre ordered this excellent product and very shortly retailers everywhere!  Continue reading Fallout Wasteland Warfare: UNboxed

Modiphius Entertainment name that drink?

If like me, you couldn’t make Modiphius Entertainments launch party for the excellent Fallout Wasteland Warfare miniature game you may have heard that there was a competition held during the event.  Well looks like we all will get a chance to take part now!

Continue reading Modiphius Entertainment name that drink?

Fallout Wasteland Warfare Update!

Here is another update about the status of Fallout Wasteland Warfare folks. It is pretty much the same as my previous update but now includes links to some files you can download for the game for  Continue reading Fallout Wasteland Warfare Update!

Fallout Wasteland Warfare Update

Chris Birch the CEO and head man at Modiphius Entertainment posted the following annoucement on the Fallout Wasteland Warfare Facebook Group today.  Not long to wait now folks to get some radiated goodness!  Continue reading Fallout Wasteland Warfare Update